Why B Design

Why B Design

Because of utmost flexibility: unlike many others, we are open to any solution.

Because we are able to work as a team: on the basis of a project management, or on a turnkey basis.

Because we can work in conjunction with third-party suppliers, within your contractual obligations.

All this with no compromise whatsoever, always to the advantage of the quality of the work done, thanks to the rigidity in the application of our standards, combined with the highest levels of finish. A fact that our customers will surely testify.

To highlight this is the strong commitment that we put in meeting all deadlines of delivery, providing a quality job, on time and without excuses.

However, the real critical difference in working with B Design is our attitude: you will note it when we work together, we will be always full of ideas and solutions, we are always at your disposal when you need us, you will never hear B Design saying “this is not our job”, we work with you and for you.

It is important for us to be there when you need us, not the other way around. That is why we believe in long term business relationships and we look forward to establishing a lasting partnership with your company.

Our warranty on performance

We shall provide warranty against defective materials, workmanship and performance of the services provided for a period of 1 year from date of delivery.

Our safety in the workplace policy

Much emphasis has been and is rightly given to safety at work: with B Design, you can be sure that a security policy is carried out that aims to:

  • provide training, establish safety procedures in all areas and ensure that they are strictly followed by employees, contractors and visitors within the premises;
  • execute the work safely, to protect people and property;
  • observe the valid regulations and elaborate appropriate additional ones, if considered necessary;
  • maintain high standards of vigilance and preparedness to respond to emergencies, with the help of local structures and government agencies;
  • create awareness among employees, merchants, contractors, customers and the public on the rules of safety, and the transport and handling of products and materials associated with our activities;
  • make reports and assessments to measure the progress of compliance with the security policy.

“Security” is a term that needs knowledge, practice and preparedness, while “Emergency” is a term that needs vigilance and alertness: we do everything to improve the security at the premises and to avert emergencies. However, theory without practice is meaningless; that is why we make on-site simulations to prepare ourselves to our best.

Our quality policy

Our quality policy aims at total customer satisfaction, with quality products, work performed perfectly and respect with timelines provided:

  • strive daily to achieve excellence in quality through training, constant monitoring and adaptation of new technology;
  • consciously build a quality culture through participation of workers, motivation and teamwork;
  • provide quality products and services that are reflected in satisfied and loyal customers;
  • take appropriate measures to minimize waste, increase productivity and improve the quality of services in a cost efficient way;
  • work for a sustainable workplace.